Fall 2007 is over, finally

The DreamHost one-click install of WordPress failed last year, and I tried it again now that it’s Christmas break! Easy peasy. I wonder how much I’ll be blogging here though. Finally moving to a mySQL-based one instead of my text-only blogs from 2000-2006 XD

Also, it’s somewhat popular to put random findings when tweaking with linux/hardware stuff into your blog, so people on Google that search for issues can find it (which I do all the time.)

This Christmas break I want to..

  • Get a linux/ssh shell running on my Belkin F5D7230-4 v2000 router (Broadcom chipset)
  • Move my/my sister’s PS2 hard drive from a 80gb to a 250gb to hold a lot more games, and set up LAN transfer for them, instead of pulling out the hard drive and connecting it to the computer to transfer
  • Soft mod my xbox (LOL FINALLY, way after the xbox 360 was released)
  • Use a bunch of linux tools such as Kismet and Airsnort to crack my own wireless – a good learning experience
  • Wonder why my Toshiba M35x-S149 laptop’s keyboard doesn’t work (which had the manufacturer’s defect of a broken AC connection – I had the motherboard replaced twice.)
  • Switch routers to a more stable one – the Belkin mentioned above has been acting up.
  • Recoup myself with Super Mario RPG, Diablo 2, and Starcraft and play TF2 and Portal from Orange Box (of which I got for $27 at Best Buy, paid with a gift card)
  • Explode my brain over what’s coming up next quarter for EE 306 (Microelectronic Circuit Design) and CPE/CSC 357
    (UNIX Systems Programming in C)
  • Switch my main system from my Intel 805 & ECS p4m800pro-m v2 to my AMD X2 4200+ & ECS nforce4m-a, and silence it. (And reformat/etc and FINALLY switch to a SATA hard drive for an OS drive)
  • Teeth cleaning, wisdom teeth extraction, 2nd hepatitis B shot.. but that’s not engineering-related, but who cares.
  • Most of all, have fun hanging out with friends.

Oh yeah, and get my $78.22 back from Becky that’s been owed for about 1.5 years. XD


2 Responses to “Fall 2007 is over, finally”

  1. wt8008 Says:

    Wow you finally got a blog up!

    You gave up your Geekdom by using the one-click installer instead of setting up mySQL accounts yourself, and getting a taste of databases. ;)

    I should try to crack my own WEP at home too, supposedly it is easy?

    Anyway since I moved out of the apartment today, you’ll have lots of cleaning when you get back in January xD.

  2. Dakanya Says:

    IIRC the PS2 will only read up to 120gb hard drives and if it’s bigger than that, it only reads the first 137gb or so? I didn’t know you could LAN transfer though!

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