What I’ve been fearing for the past half year is finally over..

I got barely below 2.0 GPAs last winter and spring so I got on academic contract. I’ve been fearing getting kicked out for over 8 months now. And I can’t believe it’s finally over.

CPE 315 (Computer Architecture) – C
EE 212 (Electric Circuit Analysis 3 Lecture) – A-
EE 242 (Electric Circuit Analysis 3 Lab) – A-
PHYS 211 (Modern Physics) – D-
GPA: 2.13

Modern Physics was.. the hardest class, ever. I don’t think I could have done much better, and I’m glad I really skimped by. I feel sad for my professor who had to put up with my “failure”-ness all quarter. I will meet him in his office next quarter even though I’m not in one of his classes.

I did really well on the 315 final, but more effort on studying for the first exam as well as a little for the second could have easily boosted me to a B.

I’m happy for my grade in EE though. I knew that last insane question on the final (probably no one got it) killed my chances of an A. I’m sure I perfected the rest of the test. EE Lab grade didn’t actually come out yet, but I’m pretty sure I got an A in that 1-unit lab since I only needed an 80 on the lab final to get it.

Quite sad how I work so hard (or “hard”) to get such crappy grades. A lot of people struggle to the extent I do but a lot of people easily get B/B+’s. I feel quite dumb for “rejoicing” getting such a low GPA but it’s definitely an accomplishment.

And things need to completely turn around from here if I want to get that 3.0 to go into UCSD’s grad school for computer engineering. Lots more discussion with professors in office hours as well as studying with others.. Doing as well as I did in EE for my future classes. I might even have to partially take cooking out of my days to have more time for studying – which has been an ongoing debate in my mind for quite a while now.

Edit: Okay, lame.. Got an A- in EE lab. He actually.. put that – in.. aaagh. Oh well.. There goes my 4.0 in all 1-unit labs streak. =\


One Response to “Grades”

  1. wt8008 Says:

    Grad schools, I’m guessing look really good upon improvement, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a chance in that area!

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