Toshiba M35X-S149 Motherboard Mania

I originally bought this laptop .. 4 years ago? Around Thanksgiving/Christmastime when my sister was a freshman in UCSD (I think). Holy crap, that was a long time ago. The specs are still pretty promising and useful though.

Celeron M 1.5 GHz (Celeron M = Centrino for the most part)
256+512mb DDR1-PC2700 ram
15.4″ 1280×800
Some integrated gfx
Everything else standard.

There was the whole big shebang about the power jack with the A70/A75/M30X/M35X series where the jack would just fail after a while (Bad connection and it had trouble determining if the AC power was actually plugged in or not.) The solder job to fix it was easy, but taking out the laptop and putting it back together seemed a bit out of reach when we had the option of the warranty replacement (Toshiba manufacturer’s special warranty extension for these models.) We did that and got a new motherboard, but different issues eventually came up (I forgot exactly what by now.) I keep going away to college and don’t deal with it much, and then my dad says he can’t type anything. I got angry for him having spyware but there actually wasn’t any. The motherboard fluked up again and the keyboard can’t be typed on. It outputs garbage and eventually stops working after a first couple hits. Sometimes it even types repeating ]’s to infinity.

Till this day I haven’t really done anything since I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to plug in a USB keyboard to see if I could type with it, but didn’t have any. Then upon some house cleaning I stumbled on a PS2 Keyboard/Mouse to USB converter. I used that along with a crap keyboard (with a bent pin! I bended it back) and it does indeed work properly. Now it is really a desktop replacement machine.


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