Wisdom Teeth

Today’s the day, finally. Parents waited an extra year or so to have it covered properly by insurance, but insurance could only cover about half the total cost. My dad tried getting them to split half the cost now and half the cost next year, so that we could “use” insurance twice, but that failed. XD

Woke up at 8:30 and headed over for my appointment at 9, was scared since every morning my stomach ends up hurting if I don’t eat.. and also ends up hurting if I do eat. (Lose!) Dealt with that and it eventually went away. I also gag to hell now (ever since Tina’s party in July) so I went from a small gagger to a HUGE gagger. It went away during school time but I gagged so easily when he put the mirror/etc in my mouth. =\

The tooth near my root canal (bottom right) was probably the hardest, and most impacted. They took that out without affecting the root canal though, thankfully. Two other teeth were OK, and the top left was actually too deep inside to take out, and wasn’t causing a problem, so we only did 3 teeth. Kind of weird for a guy who works in base 2 numbering system. =\

They showed me all the risks and the process of which it was done, and I was really scared. Anyways, I didn’t have enough water that morning, so I felt a bit weird. They blood pressured my left arm and clipped my left index finger, as well as pulse checkers on both wrists (to make sure I’m alive while they drug me to sleep?) Fell asleep sometime (I had no idea) and next thing you know, I was in a recovery bed around 12.

Got dragged to the car,  and just slept till I went home, got dragged inside and I was able to walk my way up the stairs to my bed. Had to get up, rinse, and replace the gauze though. Went to sleep for a couple hours, rinsed/replaced, sleep, rinsed/replaced, sleep, rinsed/replaced, and finally I ate my first meal of the day, yummy yummy porridge, at 9:30pm or so. I wasn’t terribly hungry after all that sleep, but damn, I needed to eat something. Was also feeling feverish too..

But I’m okay now, the pain is pretty much gone, and I have the medicine to take care of it. Just need to make sure everything’s done properly. Earlier today, I couldn’t even finish reading email or chat for 5 minutes before feeling sick again. The pain now is nothing compared to that root canal – I was awake during the process AND the pain afterwards was worse.

Fortunately, this is while everyone’s on finals mode, so I’m not missing out much on hangout time. My sister wanted to be here for me while I’m “in pain” though, but things should be okay. I don’t know if I should watch Dragon Zakura or something.. My brain is definitely not wanting to write C code to get a shell on my Belkin router, or write my resume for Google/Sunrise Telecom/Cisco internships.  I did order next quarter’s books last night, knowing that I will actually be at Cal Poly next quarter.


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