Summer 2008 Internships

Been a bit disabled because of the whole wisdom tooth thing.. slept from like 12-9:30pm yesterday but woke up 3-4 times, then slept from 1:30-8:30am but woke up like 6 times. Didn’t feel like doing much today, but needed to be productive, so I completely redid my resume.. and applied to 5 intern positions at Google, 1 at Sunrise Telecom, and 3 at Cisco, all summer internships. I want to work at Cisco the most, but I feel least qualified for it because of my crappy grades. Hopefully they can see past that..

Took a while generating my resume; making that PDF was easy. Then I used pdftk to merge a PDF of my unofficial transcript and my future planned courses into one PDF also, for the ones that want to see my relevant coursework.

I guess that makes for a fairly productive day.. glad I got those out of the way, finally. I really need to get a position though.

Jaw/cheeks are starting to hurt again..


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