Wisdom Teeth – 2nd Day After

Is it the worst? Richard says so.. And it’s been, so far. Think I slept on my right side too much and it hurts to hell. Left side is okay though.. But I had one hell of a time today trying to eat. Could barely open my mouth enough to stick painkillers/antibiotics inside.. ate like.. a couple spoons of porridge and 1/3 of a dinner roll and I just couldn’t do it. At like 3pm I said to hell with it and just put up with all the pain and ate a bunch of chicken-flavored noodles to my heart’s content. It was pretty damn good. All while watching a good episode of Dragon Zakura (thanks Tomo!) .. good stuff. Turned my day around when I wanted someone to come over today to keep me company. =( At least I finally got to fill my stomach and wash out my mouth with the hydrogen peroxide solution.. with the little bit of clean water that’s left. Of course, I boiled more afterwards.

As for the internships thing, Jason IMed me saying he wanted to go to Cisco too and that his dad works there.. crazy! I think I may have forgotten to include the fact that I have taught myself networks over the past 7 years and hold lots of self-interest in it, which is a huge, HUGE supporting factor to my crappy grades.. I think. Meh. Just the idea of taking the light rail to work at Cisco is astonishing :D

I don’t know what to do with the rest of my day.. Well, I still have some random things to do, but don’t feel like doing anything, I guess. Everyone’s getting off finals while I’m “finishing” up recovery (just passed the worst part..) even though the whole “hole-in-mouth” thing will take up to 6 weeks to heal itself.


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