3rd Day After

.. wasn’t that bad. Yeah, the mornings suck ass. Yeah, I find it hard to talk. It’s circular suckage. Wake up with pain, mouth dirty to hell. Can’t take pills without eating, can’t eat without cleaning, hurts too much to get up to clean.. It simply sucks.

I guess I just got used to it, but it didn’t hurt all that much today (being drugged down of course.) After a while I was able to eat two cookies! Chewy chips ahoy.. really slowly though. After many hours of doing nothing all day (yes, for once, I did nothing all day – I haven’t done this in a REALLY long time.. well.. I finished watching Dragon Zakura..) I decided that I was well enough to eat a normal dinner again – and I did. It took like an hour.. but it was great. A little too great. I also showered for the first time in about 98-99 hours.. almost 100, but not quite. Yeah.. shut up. So much time spent at home that I still felt clean after 70 hours.. and I’m a clean freak.

Anyways, now that that era is (kinda) over .. the strings in my mouth are still a bit bothersome.. it’s time to clean the house before my sister comes home.. and deal with Comcast because my promo expires on Tuesday. Maybe mod the xbox too.. but definitely not going to get to play the AnyBand songs on piano nor play Mario RPG. I haven’t even touched TF2 or Portal because I haven’t reformatted yet..


2 Responses to “3rd Day After”

  1. wt8008 Says:

    You forgot to tell the audience how old those chewy chip ahoys are, they have been sitting around in your room in SLO for ages, and now they are sitting around at home. xD

  2. Leslie Says:


    we should go eat ice cream

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