4th/5th Days After

Morning hell, but most of the day is fine. One dose of painkillers lasts the whole day.. well, not really. There’s just a small minor pain left on both sides that won’t even go away with painkillers.

I’ve been eating too fast though.. and I’m sure it’s been disrupting the healing of the holes that were made.

I totally forgot to include Insane Ink as work exp on my resume. I had it listed as an activity.. bleh. Things you do when you’re drugged up.. Also didn’t emphasize enough my 5 years of self-interest and self-learning of networks. We’ll see what happens..

Hung out last night (and tonight) with the usuals for the first time this break. Watched I Am Legend.. Figured B- and Will Smith would make a great movie, but it was.. good, weird, and confusing at the same time. Sucks when you sit there trying to understand exactly everything that’s going on, but struggle to. That shouldn’t happen in a movie. It had a couple good parts.. just a couple.

Got my Comcast renewed for $33/mo for 6 months (no contract) so that I won’t have any downtime while my sister and I are home for break. It would be.. a really bad time to not have internet access.

Gotta finish cleaning up my sister’s room.. and the whole house. Haven’t even bothered rebuilding my systems yet..

And some other things, but I’ll leave them out of here


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