Windows Live Messenger + Unicode-tagged Songs!

I got stumped in a bit of reading for modding the PS2 for my sister before she goes back to San Diego – and wondered if I could get Unicode tags to show up properly in MSN (aka Windows Live Messenger.. lol.)

Before I was using.. WLM 8.1, Winamp .. all versions that support Unicode, and that gen_msn plugin.

I think I tried AMIP too instead of gen_msn, and it still crashed, but I don’t remember by now. In the end I just turned it off and never really bothered. Left it like that since April or so.

But in a stroke of random.. doing.. with my new reformat/install of Windows/etc.. I got it to work! (Without crashing in 5 seconds)

I am now using Windows Live Messenger 8.5.xxxx, Winamp 5.51, AMIP plugin for winamp, and the AMIP configurator. It started working correctly when I unchecked “use alternative formatting”. Sweet!

Edit: Okay I spoke too soon =( for some reason it started showing title only after .. a while..

Edit2: gen_msn v0.31 (“Now with unicode support!”) works properly now.. wtf.


One Response to “Windows Live Messenger + Unicode-tagged Songs!”

  1. Dakanya Says:

    I’m running the following.

    Windows Live Messenger with Messenger Plus!

    foobar2000 with foo_: msnalt, audioscrobbler, comserver2, ui_columns, winamp_ipc

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