Xbox Softmod Complete!

.. After hours upon hours of getting stuck 20 times and.. googling answers. Of course, newer/different methods of modding have been developed since, so “guides” are always getting outdated..

It went like this:

  1. Build Linux ISO using
  2. Turn on Xbox with hard drive powered by the PC, let it unlock, hotswap IDE cable from Xbox to PC, boot xboxhdm linux
  3. Unlock, mod, lock? I don’t know, I actually forgot by now.

Sounds easy right? Now I had a modded xbox with a.. stock 8gb drive. Okay.. pretty much useless.

  1. Empty a Maxtor 120gb by compressing months/years of uncompressed RO videos from to xvid/mp3.
  2. Clone HD using xboxhdm (and more hotswapping!)
    > dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb bs=somethingsomethingblah
  3. Copy EEPROM over, lock the new drive
  4. Put new drive in xbox, done!

Except I ran into 1000 obstacles on the way. Old ConfigMagic? Can’t access CD files (where I put the EEPROM) when hotswapping, but can access normally? Discovering what error codes and flashing colored lights mean? FTP to xbox? Where to place ConfigMagic? How to back up EEPROM? Format new drive? etc etc..

Oh god, ’nuff said. It’s all over and now I have a modded xbox.. With a 120gb drive and nothing on it yet but Halo 2. Now.. what to put on it? I totally just exploited my engineer-ness getting there but now I have nothing to do with it.


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