Internship/Future Job? Part 2: Redback Networks

As much as working at a big-name company would be “praised on” by family and friends, a lot of people do end up at a small start-up.. and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just.. don’t see those companies around.. and only hear of the big-name ones – until Wilson linked me earlier today to a new opportunity! Computer networks and telecom, triple-play digital voice+internet+TV. Almost exactly what I want.. and even better, it’s right next to Cisco! Wow.. Things are starting to look better and better.

(This is mostly intended to be a notepad for me to remind me to look at this place later and not forget the name.)


One Response to “Internship/Future Job? Part 2: Redback Networks”

  1. wt8008 Says:

    This shows your `interest’ to this company, remember I think those news article links die rather fast.

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