AIM Classic (5.x) and Unicode

For the longest time I’ve used the classic version of AIM – “Triton” (v6+) has been too “bloated” for me. Some stick with classic, others move on. I’ve used this damn thing for practically my entire life – but as college came on, other methods of communication became more commonplace and AIM got old. I still used it, but usage has been at a strong decline since high school. As an Asian programmer / developer / music listener / engineer it became important to be able to utilize the Unicode (UTF-8) character set to have/use a universal standard of characters, but AIM classic didn’t support that. I didn’t want the bloat of aim6, didn’t like Pidgin’s local storage of buddy lists and account information in XML, … I just wanted a Classic client with Unicode support. Brim referred me to AIM Lite, which came pretty close, but I missed enough from Classic to move back after a week or so (since I had to reformat anyways.) The struggle for a Unicode-compatible Classic client continues.


One Response to “AIM Classic (5.x) and Unicode”

  1. Dakanya Says:

    You could run Pidgin off of a USB flash drive. I mostly use RDP though and I use Meebo when I can’t access my home computer, which doesn’t happen often.

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