Empty Box for $50: Where’s my book, Amazon?

I bought my books as soon as I found out I was attending school next quarter. So I got this programming book from some guy on Amazon Marketplace because it was like a dollar cheaper for brand new. A couple days later he refunds me and tells me that the book was destroyed in the San Diego fires. Alright, cool with me. I got a whole month off so I still have time..

So I ordered another one, straight from Amazon, since it was the next cheapest one, pretty much. Okay, Amazon can’t go wrong.. right? I got the package today.. and it was poorly sealed – the book slipped out somewhere in transit. TONS of marks saying “Received in damaged condition” or “Received without contents” at various post offices along the route. It got to me and my poor old mailman (who is REALLY nice) had to be the one to say sorry to me (props to him.)

Called Amazon and, luckily enough, they didn’t play the blame game, and took the fault for the poor packaging. Shipped me another one free of charge, ordered today, with two-day shipping. Looks like I’ll have my books on time for school.


One Response to “Empty Box for $50: Where’s my book, Amazon?”

  1. Lisa Says:


    Speaking of books, I should be getting the ones I need soon… >_>;;

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