1995: -100, -100
1997: -150, -150
1999: -225, -225
2000: -275, -250
2001: -325, -300
2002: -400, -350
2007: -400, -325
haha, pretty much every eye checkup was done in november/december times.

I like how the 2007 measurement is off for the .. other eye. (Is it right or left? I don’t even know.) Probably due to several “I don’t know”‘s when he was asking “1 or 2” – even with such a detail-oriented life, I couldn’t tell between the clarity of two lenses.. Nonetheless, my point is made. NO CHANGE in the past like.. 5+ years.

I’m using my prescription from 2000 or 2001. I got new glasses for the 2002 prescription but never actually used them since the old prescription seemed sufficient. And after the first 4-5 years, I thought that my eyes only got worse because I forced myself to wear something more extreme that I didn’t even need. And I was right — although I have a bad feeling of using the “wrong” prescription that “works”.

It also wasn’t helpful that I brought in my OLD (275/250 or 325/300) glasses as my “current” ones so my eye doctor was like “WHOA YOU GOT A LOT WORSE!”. Oops..


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