Week 1 Over

Finally got my schedule finalized Wednesday night after getting a second add code for ENGR 213 (Bioengineering) – because of the crappy system, if you enter in the code but don’t submit the add (or run into an error while doing so), it just expires your code.. How lame. From this I also figured out that permission numbers to add also bypass you from prerequisites, and that nulled my thoughts of the possibility of 2 different types of permission numbers (waitlist-adding and prerequisite-bypassing.)

Hmm, I’ll post it here since it’s “safe” now.. haha, I remember the bad RO kids would directory stalk for it to find my schedule just to try to counter my easy MVPing. Sillies.. some of which are reading this right now.. (Yeah, I see you)

Yeah, 3 classes only again, and 2 labs – although the 357 lab is more of “work time”, not “completion time” .. 1 hour 3x a week is nothing compared to the 25-35 hours a week I’ll be pulling just for 357’s programs. 357 will be very, very time-consuming for programs, with decent difficulty in the course. 306 seems really complicated too, but that seems to be easing off.. I still want to do well in both tough classes (especially 357 – I’ve been fearing it since ever with all those horror stories!) so I have bioengineering as my 3rd class which should be really easy. PowerPoint definitions class.. what the hell, I could do more productive things with my time than that. Not even going to buy the book. 346 lab is definitely not a pushover like 241/242 labs were. It seems like a lot of time and effort goes into that 1 unit to make sure every figure comes out correctly and documented properly in both my lab notebook and my formal lab reports.

Thursdays off for once is.. really weird. Possibly a bit too relaxed? No way..

I’ve been heading back and forth on my 12-2 breaks MWF, since both classes before and after the break are like.. in the corner of campus right next to home.. thankfully. In Fall, 315 before break was next to home, and physics was all the way back up the hill, which was a gruesome walk. And yes, that means I’ve been cooking and eating rice.. meat.. vegetables.. over and over.. just starting to get sick of that. Didn’t go to Albertson’s this weekend either, since I still have a lot of stuff.

Winter Job Fair is this Wednesday and Thursday – I am more than prepared with my resume done over break. Unfortunately, I don’t have any dress shirts or slacks, since I run on bare minimums in that category here in college and felt that I didn’t need them. I guess a polo and khakis will do. An internship for summer 08 is a 100% must-do – hopefully it won’t conflict with the possibilities of Ming and Julie visiting next summer. I seriously have to get back to Sunrise Telecom because their text-box submit form for resume/cv/coverLetter leaves me feeling icky. I also need to call Redback Networks about the hundreds of new jobs coming in 2008, for possible internships. That place is next to Cisco! :D

Finished my first program and my first lab report today.. A bit slow, but better than at the last minute. Also read ahead plenty in both EE and CS.. let’s hope for good things this quarter!

Okay, my computer just exploded again right when I was going to publish.. and fortunately, WordPress saves every once in a while, like Gmail! Yay for not having to retype blogs.. haha.


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