Winter 2008 Job Fair Day 1: Live and learn..

Needless to say, today didn’t go that well. I had a fairly busy day so I could only attend for a little more than a hour, stopping by every slightly-applicable company to get their brochures/fliers of potential job information. I actually talked to only about 6-7 companies.. Xilinx, Yahoo, Tyco Electronics,, Brocade Communications, Calix Networks, EMC Corp.. hey, that’s 7, haha. Anyways, I should have talked a lot more (but didn’t have time to), dressed better (but don’t have clothes here.. who needs clothes), should have a better gpa LOL.. yeah… whatever. Software asian girl at Amazon asked me the difference between an interface and an abstract class. Brain says “yay! easy!” mouth says “uhh”. BAD! I knew that they were both levels of abstraction, with predefined methods and variables.. I did not remember which one actually had implementations and which one did not. =(

The guy in front of me at the Xilinx booth had his resume stuffed in with size 8 font. Seriously.. what the fuck? Trim that shit down. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WRITE “Calculus 1/2/3/4” AND “General Physics 1/2/3” on your resume. It’s fucking implied by being an ________ Engineering major. How far you got into YOUR major is what matters.. too bad he was a senior, had a higher gpa, and looked more spiffy than I did. I’ll be damned.

Tomorrow.. we’ll hope for a better day.

Oh and.. yesterday, I went to an Agilent infosession, with like 35 people. They had prize bags to hand out.. and for some reason.. had like 25 of them. Umm, you don’t hand out “prizes” to like.. 75% of the audience.. it’s not a prize anymore, and makes the rest of us feel like crap. Not to mention “the rest of us” were all sitting in the same area. haha.

Oh, and.. (damn, I can’t stop talking) I left my resumes at home, LOL. Had to print ’em before heading over, and ended up printing a slightly older revision..


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