Winter 2008 Job Fair Day 2: Done, Yay?

2nd/last day wasn’t much different, aside from the fact that I had no class so I had nothing to worry about. I said I’d go from 11-2, but Dan’s movie came out and I rushed to rehost it using wget on my server. Then I felt like eating and watching it but that ended up taking like half an hour.. meh.

Got to the job fair – once again, I don’t have proper clothes here, so I wore the same thin sweater that my sister gave me, and a different polo. -_- So informal compared to everyone else. And yes, I’m still wearing my Adidas Barricade 3s (holy shit, 5s are out?) from April 2005. Nonetheless, when I got there, I promptly took a 10-minute trip around each booth to first filter out the companies that I’m interested in – which ended up being CNet, HP, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, LightRiver Technologies (fiber networks YAY!), Microsoft, Radix Technologies,, Sony, Sun, Teradyne, and ViaSat. Holy shit, that’s a lot of crap.

But what we all expected, came – as we all know, everything’s done online. Job/intern/co-op listings put online, resume submission online, etc etc. My conversations with HP, Sony, Sun, and Teradyne all lasted 30 seconds at most, for that reason. Meh. I have pretty much no chance for a lot of things, but at least some guys still insisted on talking engineering to me even though I already knew I wasn’t “qualified” enough because of my “crappy” major GPA which is only made up of EIGHT classes. When a GPA is made of 8 mostly freshman level courses.. That makes for not so great of a GPA. I need to rework my resume to push me over the top with what I have, because that’s the only thing dragging me down.

Sun only has spring+summer hardware co-op, and I definitely can not just leave Spring. ViaSat is located in San Diego.. eh. LightRiver has no internships, but will accept a loser like me full-time after graduating with no experience! I was happy to hear that – they are located about 15 minutes east of UC Berkeley. I could live with some Berkeley friends. :D

Blah blah blah.. lots and lots of applying coming up. I would head home for the weekend, but job fair stuff as well as being lazy as well as cooking all the time put me a little behind on work. With apps to do, it seems like the hard part has yet to come..


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