The Last of Job “Troubles”, I Swear

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend applying to all sorts of internship positions at.. many companies. It got frustrating at a few points:

Amgen – Done – through Mustang Jobs.. so easy..
Brocade Communications – Not Done – okay.. now where do I go? can’t find it..
CNET Networks – Done – I forgot by now.
EMC – Done – a somewhat long form.
HP – Done – a very very long form.
KLA Tencor – no internships..? BUT IT SAYS THERE ARE!
Lockheed Martin – Done – sent through Mustang Jobs.
Microsoft – Done – plaintext resumes. For shame, Microsoft, for shame..
NetApp – Not Done – “View all jobs” query returned 0 results. Cool. SHE SO SAID THERE WERE INTERNSHIPS. – Done – Applied through Mustang Jobs. thank God.
Sun Microsystems – Done – application through email.. at least I can send my resume pdf.
Teradyne – Not Done – no internships. Why did that guy insist on sending me to their website when I was asking about an internship?
Tyco Electronics – Done – plaintext resumes.
Xilinx – Not Done – HTTP7765: error reading response header (Server closed connection)
Yahoo! – Done – plaintext resumes.

As you can see.. I think plaintext resumes.. were decades go. Where is the technology? Where is the consistency? Where is the engineering thought in all this?

And now I await the swarms of “your GPA sucks” from employers. After having gone through a good amount of college, having seen some total BS classes and professors, I can say that GPA in college almost doesn’t matter as much as SAT scores don’t matter in determining how “smart” you are. 2.7 against a “minimum 3.0” when my major GPA is made up of only like, 8 lower division courses? All of which are quarter-based and a few points on a midterm will determine what letter grade you can get?

Maybe that was all crap and I should have just “worked my ass off” even more than I already did for the past 2 years.


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