Ongoing Debate: Japanese or Korean?

It’s been like 5 days since I wrote something and I have no visitors, so.. even though I’m swamped with work, I figured I’d spend a couple minutes blogging about something that I’ve been thinking about..

[20:58] <yoshii> dang
[20:58] <yoshii> if i had to choose japanese or korean and only one
[20:58] <yoshii> that’d be like choosing between melody and starcraft
[20:59] <yoshii> thats a toughie
[20:59] <yoshii> probably starcraft.
[20:59] <yoshii> since mel speaks english.
[20:59] <yoshii> LOL
[21:06] <Tomoyoho> o
[21:06] <Tomoyoho> ya
[21:06] <Tomoyoho> i would never be able to choose
[21:06] <Tomoyoho> between japanese and korean
[21:06] <Tomoyoho> EEEEE
[21:06] <Tomoyoho> T___T;;
[21:06] <yoshii> XD
[21:06] <Tomoyoho> Maybe Korean now
[21:06] <Tomoyoho> LOL
[21:06] <yoshii> i don’t even know chinese Q_Q

I love music, and basically everything Asian is in Korean or Japanese. Yeah, I listen to F.I.R. (mandarin), but that’s just one thing..

But.. if I had the choice of learning one or the other, which one would I pick?! It’s even harder for Asian drama watchers.

.. and going to Chinese school for a few years didn’t help a bit. When you don’t use it semi-actively, it just goes to waste. I guess watching shows for familiarity is good, but I don’t have time for that.. hence me not watching Japanese/Korean dramas either. I guess it’d just be a waste of time in the end if I went for either of them.. but I so wish I could understand what they were saying in all the stuff I watch/listen to.

so what it comes down to?

korean = starcraft (image courtesy of susan kim)


japanese = melody.

i so wish i could understand the things that koreans say and write in commentaries as well as sites/forums, and the same with mel’s website in japanese.. as well as other random music from both languages, although not as important to me.

in the end.. i don’t have time or energy for either.. meh.


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