Stress + Sleep + .. Teeth?

Loads of programming last Friday going into Saturday.. lack of sleep Saturday night for Lisa’s visit Sunday morning.. and for more programming. Yeah.. my first real 357 experience was pretty killer, trying to do 30-35 hours of coding, debugging, and thinking over the span of 3-4 days. At least I got through it.

.. At the expense of doing somewhat horribly on my EE midterm monday morning. Nonetheless the averages were pretty low, and the questions were excruciatingly long – even though he told them to us in advance. 10 minutes after our section got out, he emailed us saying we could hand in redos for averaged grades.. yeah, it was that bad. But I felt bad for myself – had I studied another hour or so (instead of coding all day beforehand.. and then using a late day) I probably would have gotten another 20 points on that second problem. I did fairly well, but it sucks knowing I could have done much better had I not been working on that damned program all weekend. Especially when aiming for an A.

Bioengineering quiz shortly after that – studied a bit, just enough to answer those 10 multiple choice questions. Did well. Went home to finish the program at like, 11pm. Felt fairly accomplished and finally “normal sleep”.. Not really. Normal amount, but not very comfortable. Headache and minor toothache..

EE lab tuesday was .. long and interesting, to say the least. The lab is like, a day or two ahead of our homework.. and our homework is like, a week ahead of lecture. So setting up all these diode circuits on a breadboard without understanding the concepts was really confusing. We ended up taking the full 3 hours to do something that we could have finished in 2. Not to mention, the amount of circuits to set up was rather perplexing to the extent that we actually started talking about other things during lab.. that never happens.

After EE lab I studied like 6 hours for my CSC 357 midterm for Wednesday and felt very comfortable about it. Unfortunately I also had.. another bioengineering quiz right after. As usual, I only studied the hour before.. and did just well enough. Thank God for multiple choice – I forgot how much easier that made things.

I had no class Thursday, so once again, normal amount of sleep – but the headache and toothache persisted. I had just used up the rest of my Tylenol (which expired “October 07” – who gives a damn) and really felt the burn on Thursday. I basically stayed in my room all day in pain like an idiot – didn’t ask my roommates for meds, didn’t walk to Albertsons or Rite Aid to buy anything.. waited for my mom to come home before calling her just to hear exactly what I needed to hear.. etc. Didn’t do anything all day, when I had planned to read the past week’s worth of EE and do and understand the homework. Nope.

Peter came over to test out the EarthWatts 380 and 500 that he bought – as well as an evga 7600gt pci-e. Surprisingly, the EarthWatts 500W did not work on my system.. it powered things on, but it wouldn’t boot. Weird. I’ve never dealt with DoA (dead on arrival) brand new items.. poor guy keeps getting shafted on deals. We’re going to head over to Circuit City to try to nab the Sony DSLR-A100 on clearance; a DSLR camera that I don’t even need and don’t even want all that much anymore. But a $700 DSLR for less than $350 is more than tempting. I really don’t do anything in SLO so it’s nice to get out even though this hardly qualifies as “out”.

I slept at 3 to sleep a “normal” amount for my 11am class – but didn’t fall asleep till 4 (pain), woke up at 6:30 (train) and stayed up another half hour (pain..) And woke up at 8 to my roommate getting ready for school, and what not. Not to mention.. his computer fan is normally bearable, but when I’m kept up by the trains (fuck you 5-second horn blowers, 1-2 is enough) as well as the toothache.. it just adds to the insanity. I need ear plugs or something. When my ears are so sensitive and wake up to someone rolling in bed.. I’m to blame at that point.

I hope for a good weekend – lots of rest, cooking, cleaning, and.. homework. More EE reading, a multitude of lab writeups to do for the lab quiz on Tuesday, a bioengineering midterm on Monday, the midterm redo, my lab and program for CSC 357.. meh.

Back to the most retarded and sporadic “sleep” ever – I can’t sleep anymore so I just lay in my bed for the sake of getting rest. And get up when I feel like doing retarded things like reading EE for 45 minutes at 8am or writing this blog to describe my first “hell week”.


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