Antec EarthWatts EA380 380W Power Supply.. and BioE midterm false alarm?

Not too long ago I picked up the Antec EarthWatts EA380 for $5 AR at Newegg .. cause it was cheap. Peter got one too, and it’s more efficient in the sense that it’s > 80% .. efficient. It pulls less power out of the wall to provide the same power to the machine. My system was using my 4+ year-old Antec Sonata 1 380W psu which was more than enough, but it only had 20 pins instead of 24. Even motherboard manufacturers say it’s OK to plug a 20-pin PSU into the 24-pin board, but those 4 pins are for the PCI-E graphics card! It still worked though, but some random instability issues got really annoying. I figured that a couple bucks for the EarthWatts would be worth it.

Finally got it Monday – for some reason, it came from the east coast, while some people on the east coast had it shipped from SoCal.. go figure. I immediately began to take out my existing PSU, but had to remove my CPU’s HSF to do so.. which actually wasn’t that hard, just a couple minutes of annoyance. Got everything inside and powered it on – and there was no difference. It still had to boot 3 times to finally work, and the error still comes – “Device HDD0 encountered an error during a paging operation” or something like that in Event Viewer.

But now I save power and all 24 pins are properly used? I don’t know.. But I do miss the “Fan Only” variable voltage 4-pin molex connector on my old PSU – it’d autothrottle my case fan based on my current temperature. (For the most part in the past 4 years, it’s been the same speed.) So it was running full speed, really loud.. I just unplugged it and noticed that it made like, 0 difference to my CPU temperature, unlike back when I had an AMD XP – the back case fan was a necessity. I also use 3-4 less watts doing that, and have reduced my desktop to 87-88 W usage idle. That’s like.. the usage of like 2-3 lights added together.

On another note, I freaked out about the Bioengineering midterm that I was going to have on Monday (that I, of course, did not study for – other classes are more important) but it turns out that I had an old copy of the syllabus and he updated it like last week or something.. and both Bioengineering and Biology midterms are next week -_-. Better together than.. apart?


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