Illness, Bio, EE, Slackin’, GPA/Spring, Interview?

Everyone seems to be getting sick lately. It’s the usual winter-ness.. if you remember me in high school, I was sniffly all the time (except sophomore year for some really really weird reason.) Same happened in college when my 1st/2nd winter quarters started in the morning, but now I start at 11 MWF and get as much sleep as I want every other day.. so I’m prone to it. Otherwise.. I’d be sick too. Good luck to everyone getting better.. at least like.. 20 of you @_@

My Bio teacher is .. that terrible, I guess. Since we “haven’t covered enough material” (who is actually learning in this class? we are memorizing things for the quizzes) he actually CANCELLED the midterm coming up on Wednesday. For some reason I was looking forward to that.. because I had nothing big that week except for those two Bio exams. Now one’s cancelled forever and our grade is out of two 25-point quizzes and a 100-point final. AND THEN in substitution, he gave us 4 “virtual labs” for 10 points each extra credit.. which means a potential +27% increase to the 150-point grade. WTF?! I am so getting a zero-effort A. I haven’t had an “extreme bullshit” class like this since ENGL 149 freshman winter with Wilson. (No tests/homework/anything and get a B)

After staying up till 5am Wednesday doing the EE 306 midterm redo, I was too tired to do anything Wednesday.. and ended up doing everything BUT homework Thursday – dishes, wiped the counter and stove, dusted my work areas and cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, yeah.. I didn’t know it was New Years until the night before. I thought it was next week or something. I also had dinner at my cousin’s (well, “nephew”‘s) place which was pretty good but also contributed to the “I don’t want to do anything anymore since last week”-ness.

EE midterm came back and I did poorly.. relatively poorly. Could’ve gotten 10-15 more points had I actually gotten some sleep and studied a bit more instead of coding to hell to midnight the night before. Nonetheless with the redo for an averaged grade instead of a curve (holy crap, redo + lenient grading?) I’ll get like an 85. Could’ve been in the 90s.. but oh well, I’ll learn next time. Now I’m looking forward to having Derickson for EE 403 – Fiber Optic Communication.

I got an email for an interview.. which wasn’t even for me. Apparently someone made a typo or something and someone looking for some sort of Marketing/Publishing position in New York.. had my email down? Uh… okay. Way to ruin my hopes, though.

This will be my first quarter with a >3.0 GPA.. how sad. Actually more like >3.5, with the way things are going, I’m aiming for a 3.7. However, EE lab and .. the rest of the quarter has yet to surprise me. Kind of odd going from “almost kicked out” to this state, but that’s what I expected when finally heading to bigger, upper.. stuff.

I’m looking forward to having Angela over the weekend after week 4 spring quarter – hopefully I won’t be too busy then. This is the schedule that I’m aiming for, but things may shift around a bit. Classes for sure, times/sections not so much. I’ll want to have sections with friends.. for some reason.

Speaking of which, yay for a valentine this year.. so pointless. “Now what?” haha, fun stuff.

And back to productivity – I said I was going to code today.. nope. I hate myself for doing this. Only once a quarter..

.. I need a router with QoS.
And maybe an increased cable pipe.. 10/1 sounds better than 5000/512 with my roommates torrenting all week.. nah, QoS sounds better.


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