i think ahead too much – spring planning

EE 335/375 work out almost perfectly in terms of times and taking it with friends and what not. It’s also Ahlgren, who is fairly easy in lab, and supposedly lecture is one of those classes where you don’t keep up all quarter and everything goes over your head and you just study for the midterms. (Says Wilson)

That being said, I am probably going to take that as my first tech elective.. which would mean a very ugly, 17 unit, 3 lab EE/CS quarter.

Holy crap.. MWF look disgusting. T just looks retarded. R looks normal, lol.

Just that extra class (which is actually 5 units – normally EE is 3 lec 1 lab but for this class it’s 4/1.) will push my schedule from comfortable to over the top.. I think I can do it. After all, all it really is, is neglection of one class.. and less slacking time..

Spring quarters are notorious for its lack of trips home, which means less cooking of Asian food – which means less time spent preparing/cooking/cleaning up. I’ll probably switch to some retarded pasta/pizza schedule mixed in with normal cooking.. since I seem to be unable to go over a single day without rice. (LOL.)

And just that extra class, and I can ditch the whole “4+1” thing (4 years + 1 quarter) and just do 4 years. Senior year quarters go from ridiculously easy to fairly reasonable.. Assuming I don’t spend 357-like time on my senior project.

Now to score a job and living arrangements at Berkeley with LightRiver

I do think too much – just watch, all of this nonsense will just fall through and I won’t want to do it anymore. And laugh.


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