Lesson learned? Don’t use software firewalls

.. with some exceptions, of course.

I spent several hours at Eric’s house doing a bunch of ping tests to determine which device was acting “funny” and his switch and laptop OK’d. His desktop and server were both using nVidia’s nForce something something firewall.. Some filesharings wouldn’t work, some pings were random, and other pings were obnoxiously random.. and some returned duplicate packets with negative ping times. It took me 2 hours to narrow it down to the firewall (and more like, realize that there WAS an nVidia firewall on the system) and after I uninstalled it, all pings were <1ms as they should have been, and file sharing worked properly.. What a bunch of thinking for almost nothing.

Lesson learned? Don’t use software firewalls if you’re already protected from incoming connections from the Internet by a router.. it’s unnecessary. Of course, exceptions apply to the following two cases (and possibly more): If you have malware on your system that you want to prevent from connecting out, or if you actually want to protect yourself from people on your local network. If you’re using campus internet, it gets a little more complicated than that – just have it on in that case.


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