My blog is boring. (and more crap)

elliee (11:45:53 PM): OMG
elliee (11:45:56 PM): WHY DID HE READ THESE
elliee (11:45:58 PM): THEY ARE SO BORING
ricky (11:46:05 PM): EVEN I THINK THEY’RE BORING
ricky (11:46:06 PM): WTF

.. It’s meant to be boring. This blog is more like “random encounterings of shit in daily engineering”. haha.

I remember back in the days.. one blog for what I did every day. Damn, that thing got repetitive. Also had xanga for a different aspect of blogging (more like teen angst ranting.) Damn, past blogs and past message logs/pictures take things way back..

On another note, I changed my schedule again LOL.. Ahlgren’s 375 lab filled up before normal registration even began. (Priority kids filled it good.) I need to get Parag and Brim to join me in the Thursday 12-3 one. With that I was also able to move 228 to the other section – friends say Zhang is easy, and it’s a more relaxed schedule.. except for deathly Wednesdays.

My hard drive random-crashing-shit and everything fixed from moving it from SATA port 1 to port 4.. wtf? 1+ month of annoyances for almost nothing. (Not to mention, a lost lab report.) I would have never expected it, but that random guess was right.. This random crap happens all the time and it’s weird. For example, this weekend, Tina was asking me why unplugging her earphones from her laptop didn’t trigger the speakers to be on. She did it several times, and I walked around thinking of what it could be, knowing that when I unplugged it, it would work – and it did. ……… I have no idea.

Yeah, went home this weekend, it was either that weekend or never.. It was stupid how I got off at Wednesday 3pm and didn’t go home till Thursday 9pm. Should have taken Amtrak or something for that extra 1.25 days at home. Barely had enough time to do things. Or I should have gone with Brim instead of being the last-minute 5th taking the passenger seat in Peter’s car.. I felt pretty guilty about that.

Big week coming up – big EE lab, CS lab and program, CS midterm and EE midterm..

melody. – Haruka 遥花 ~はるか~ came out not too long ago – at first I didn’t like it that much, but now I really do. プルメリア is good too, and so is That’s The Way It Is.. wow.. I’ll never cease to be amazed, for some stupid reason.


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