eat eat eat eat eat

skipping breakfast seems semi-normal for a lot of people, seeing how I sleep in until the very last minute.. now i’m a little more wary since some days, for some weird reason, i only eat half of what i normally would. it comes up randomly, when i least expect it.. i just.. can’t eat as much as i would/should. every time i eat normally now (1-1.5 cups of rice per meal) i get really happy knowing that i’m going normal again.. but serve to disappoint myself soon enough.

needs more breakfast and just more .. eating.. i’m skinny enough as it is. i do eat breakfast.. like 3-4 times a week only. =\

maybe i’m just sick of my own cooking. rice.. veggies.. meat.. too much of that. but this is all i’ve got, and i have to constantly work through weeks of choy before they go bad.. and every time a restocking@home opportunity comes up, i have to take it, since it’s my only chance..

what a rut. only.. 4 more quarters.. holy shit.. only 4 more quarters of school!?@ HOLY CRAP THAT IS SOON

i got an interview with Amgen, for a generic engineering internship in Thousand Oaks.
.. i’d really want to be at home.
out of all places i applied for, I get an interview for THAT..


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