rsync + omfg interviews

rsync is a wonderful utility. Ability to preserve permissions/times, with recursion, to synchronize two folders, ssh, a quick difference-detecting algorithm.. I’m now using it to sync up folders and back up things. It’s more than just great.

On another note, I can’t believe this happened.. Here I was, on a Friday night, programming. I opened Firefox to slack, and went to My Cal Poly to look at how full classes got from today’s registration rotation. I clicked “Mustang Jobs” for no reason, and “Pending Campus Interviews” for no good reason, thinking that there was nothing going to be there…

I was wrong. Very wrong.

Apparently, Apple wanted an interview with me for their Hardware Intern position in their iPod division.. and wanted one with me for their Software Quality Engineer internship position. I got notifications for neither. Interview signups ended a couple weeks ago. As with most well-built systems, I was expecting an email of some sort to notify me that something happened. But no, Mustang Jobs just failed. Was I really expected to check back THERE for that sort of thing? I got pretty angry and my roommate told me that the same thing happened to him before, too..

And then I just checked the Preferences tab: Choose 'yes' to receive email notifications of preselect status and scheduled interviews.
And there it was – THE BOX WAS ALREADY ON YES.
Having a broken notification system is even worse than having no notification system at all. Just wow. And yes, I checked my spam boxes..

Now I reside in frustration, wanting one of those two internships.. Proper calls will be made but I’ll have the first impression of an idiot by not even seeing those deadlines.


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