csc357 midterm

Took it last friday, got it back today. Was hoping for a perfect score, but in the end the entire class like, failed.. average was 28/50. I got 39/50. Curve –> 39/45. Lost 2 points twice for unnecessary use of malloc() and 5 for plain stupidity.. crap like that always happens. Hopefully I can still get my A.

someone: “nico, raise my grade.”
nico: “no.”
someone: “sudo raise my grade.”

haha.. i laughed so hard. the reference:
xkcd sudo make me a sandwich
(it’s a linux thing – if you still don’t get it, that’s fine. sudo = root access. >:D)

Quarter’s coming to an end, lots and lots of assignments to do.. fun! Here begins another Friday night >_>


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