After having a delicious large Mesquite Chicken from Quizno’s on Saturday (it’s been YEARS), I realized that.. well, I haven’t eaten stuff that wasn’t my cooking all that much this quarter. Normally it’s very minimal, but.. not this minimal.

So I whip out my trusty Excel sheet that logs every time money comes out of my pocket (and filter out the non-outmeal results):
1/17/2008 $4.30 Chick-Fil-A
3/1/2008 $7.53 Quizno's

Holy crap. Over 2 months of school, I’ve paid for.. TWO meals. The other.. 150+.. were my own cooking.

Thanks to my roommates for bringing me a restocking from home for MLK weekend, and Peter for bringing stuff the weekend before Chinese New Year.. and then bringing me the weekend after that. And of course.. my mom for picking out and buying all the “nice-looking” 白菜 (bok choy) and 菜心 (choy sum) for me. (As well as other not-so-critical things.. and packing them.)

Needless to say, I spend way too much cooking and it needs to be brought down next quarter – aka, rare trips home or none at all. Sad part is, when I thought about that, I already considered having Angela bring things down at the end of week 4, and my sister bring things up whenever she planned to visit.. @___@ I feel so terrible.

Which brings me to the next thing.. what I actually reg’d for >_>


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