Closing Up

Last normal week, final programs and lab report/final.. As well as a bunch of other, smaller things.

Finals kinda suck:
3/11 Tue: EE 346 (no idea)
3/19 Wed 4-5:30: BIO 213 (guaranteed 100%)
3/19 Wed 5:30-7: ENGR 213 (1-2 hours studying/cheatsheet will do)
3/21 Fri 10-1: EE 306 (hell, brain packed bits of information)
3/21 Fri 1-4: CSC 357 (hard, but simple)

Tried to get 357 final moved up to have the entire week to study for EE, and Nico actually couldn’t. If I can move EE to Thursday, that would be nice.. and just study 1 day for 357.

Roommates went home this weekend for bayarea housing stuffs, and my mom insisted on sending down food.. And I didn’t want to bother my roommates.. as much as I wanted some bok choy/yu choy/just one box of goodies. I felt like I’ve bothered them too much .. when I probably haven’t at all. That’s just me.

So yeah.. rice once a day max, some random crap (pizza? pasta? quiznos? other?) for the other meal, and cereal for breakfast, if at all..

Lots of little things are getting to me at a bad time, and I’m going pretty crazy.. but it’ll be alright. Housing shit’s retarded, trying to satisfy everyone and myself with all sorts of location/room/price restrictions. I told myself that I’d live with Peter for at least 1 year, and that hasn’t happened. =P

New GPA goal for the quarter, now that we’re at the end.. is a 3.53, with absolute lowest being a 3.38. Bleh.

I listened to 김태연 – 만약에 at least 60 times over the span of 2 days =x

Okay, enough of that.. back to doing this last EE lab report worth 30% of our grade and preparing for the lab final worth another 30% of our grade..


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