spring quarter of hell day 1

got back to SLO around 1am monday morning, settled things around before sleeping at 3. woke up at 11 and it was so cold.. did a whole lot of cleaning, moving, with some eating in between. took my time, and fortunately, finished just right about when the new roommate came at 4. i broke my sandals while pivoting my feet to move the dresser.. need super glue that i left at home D:! tried engineering a rubber band to stick it together, and it works, but it still sucks. spent the day doing random productive things.. and yeah. had to sleep “early”.

fortunately tuesday was my easiest (Monday off, thanks Cesar Chavez! haha.) but it is freezing at 9am. my lazy minimalist butt doesn’t enjoy walking further than the EECS buildings (which are conveniently at the corner of campus next to home), so going to and finding my first class (EE 335 – Electromagnetic Fields and Transmission) was meh. not bad.

class seems kinda interesting, i always wondered the effect of transmission lines on signals and whatnot. apparently the class is really hard though. 2 midterms @ 45% each with 4 questions and choose 3, with an optional final that can only bring up a grade. and everyone still “fails” but he tries to give as many As and Bs out as he can with this kinda grading.. anyways, I kinda laughed to myself when I was like.. “okay.. just 6 problems, and I got this class down.” watch me weep and explode at how hard they are, in a couple weeks.

ee228 seems alright. in order of increasing difficulty, i’m predicting..
ee 228 ≈ csc 453.. 453 with connely has gotta be fairly easy (moderate). 228 with zhang.. same thing. i felt like a sophomore again as she gave basic definitions for 20 minutes of lecture..
ee 335. hard, but at the same time, not that much.. and a huge curve.
and then ee 307. braun kills. period.

we’ll see what tomorrow has to bring. i spent around 6 hours today doing a crapload of mini programs for the first 453 lab, and i’m not even enrolled in the class yet. (and the first day is tomorrow.) holy crap… i better get in.

this quarter: do the damn work (ahead of time, if possible) and stress less. and study/review more. and.. get As.


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