lame’d 453

class full as hell, me and several others didn’t get in. needless to say.. i felt like crap afterwards, again. last quarter was ok because it was just chem, but this time i realized that i really need this section, this quarter, to graduate on time. he was taking “seniors” first, instead of going through the waitlist.

“the waitlist disappeared, i don’t know why” — i hate to ridicule on a public blog like this, but you’d think that after so many years of teaching, you know that the system clears the waitlists on a certain date (which is announced) before class starts. so that people can enroll when they get permission numbers. most professors keep a copy before it clears. whatever. more and more incompetency is something i’ve been dealing with.

back to where i was — haha, fall quarter my roommate was joking about how someone got denied and walked out and yelled “FUCK”. well, when i didn’t get into chem last quarter, i thought about doing that too. but this time, the parking lot got a nice big loud “FUCK” on the way home. i realized how much i needed it and how it was impossible to go along without it (unless i want to shift around everything i have AND graduate a quarter later.. which completely ruins the point..)

so i emailed him with proper explanations, begging about how my case was very close but not the same to seniors in their “last” quarter at school. i’ll show up to the next lecture too. and i did the first (of 4) program and lab.. haha.

damn, that would have been a good time to say “i’m graduating”. guy wouldn’t even know. i just never have balls to do so.


One Response to “lame’d 453”

  1. wt8008 Says:

    Sorry to hear, I guess I was lucky with getting classes. I think the closest I got to not getting into a class by crashing was IME156, since there weren’t enough lab spaces in the CAD section.

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