first week + 453 + scheduling etc

i got to add the afternoon section of 453 after trying to convince the old man for so long. it’s such a complicated mess that .. sucks.

the 10-12 section of 453 conflicts with 307, but I could squeeze it in if I moved 9am ee335 to 8am, and 10am ee307 to 9am. i would have had it with Brim and Parag if I did that.. not that it even matters. I couldn’t do it now, since Braun’s 307 is stuffed to all hell. I would also have been able to enroll in 453 right away back when it was registration time, since it wasn’t full (and the afternoon one was.) so I could have just avoided this whole mess by sulking it up and accepting 8am every day with 4 EECS classes in a row from 8-1. but.. I didn’t want to do that.. for several reasons. I like that extra hour.. and I didn’t want that much without a break in between. the first few days were all gloomy and cold, but the past 2 days it felt fine getting up way early.. it doesn’t seem so bad after all. and with a proper breakfast (hah), I could probably last until 1 before going home for the day to eat lunch. oh well. in the short term it seems doable, but as the quarter progresses i’d probably dread it more and be more exhausted.

so now I’m in a 37-man class when the “max” is 30, and should attend the other section when there is an exam. it’s a complicated mess, but today was the second lecture and a good number of people didn’t show up – in the end, there was 1 extra chair. anyways, some of the 453 stuff right now is just silly. all 315 (computer architecture) and 357 (unix systems programming) review — and I already know it all. the old fellow isn’t a top-notch CSC professor like the others, so I’ve been a bit spoiled. it was hard trying to work out a system for me to take the class, describing how i needed that section this quarter.

aside from all that crap, the first week is over. so far, so good. 228 and 453 have been very easy, 335 has been moderate and 307 (expecting hell) hasn’t been all that bad. I actually understood Braun’s first real lecture… thankfully. 347 lab was death – Braun kept us in the lab for the full 3 hours talking for 1-1.5 hours over the SYLLABUS (omfg), 30-45 minutes on lab report style, and ~30 minutes on troubleshooting, and like ~30 minutes working out a prelab on SPICE. Brim wants to bail, but me, him, and Joel are a “dream team”. nonetheless, I have homework all over the place and have to do a good amount this weekend. during the week, i’ve just been reading all the texts (but lacked time for actual doing of homework D:) and settling in – cooking/etc, getting enrollment issues down, doing random productive things.

time to reset productivity times to afternoons and evenings, and sleeping schedules to like.. 12:30-8:30.

i bought an 8600gt for $31.. what do i do with it?

that’s all for now in my boring boring life, i suppose. =P

ooh yeah, turning 20 soooooooooon!


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