birthday random

20, nothing short of amazing since every year it’s just people (and food) that matter.

granted i am here at SLO with not much to do, I shifted classes to an earlier schedule (for another reason too) and got out at 1 with Peter. thought of places to eat and couldn’t, eventually ended up at Firestones. haven’t had tri-tip since last May with Amos and Isaiah. used Teresa’s Jamba Card too =) since I never get Jamba Juice. it’s my birthday, I’ll do whatever the hell I want to! (which doesn’t get very far..)

then just went back to my place and chilled while doing ee 335 hw. yeeeeep.

thanks to every single person that said happy birthday in some way. yes, every single one. EVERY one. that includes you. =)

that is.. in order: christine [god, so many.. tran socal highschool], teresa [.. my sister], amos, sophia, isaiah, juli, jean, alex [12:00:04!], peter, vina, tina, chennis, nickie, leesar, richard, an, stephanie, myo, michellely, my mom!, honglan [this is easier.], teresa L, cindy l, vinnary, eric, to, david, munjal, julie, sang, laura, hao, michelle, philip, linda, andel, jennifer, paola, hilong, susan, jo, kat, lena, cj, rachel, ann, xtiney, cynthia, lisa, jenn, kat, leslie, paulina, frances, kim. hopefully that’s all, otherwise my robust skills are not so robust.

except angela =x but it’s okay, you were busy with stuff today and I still don’t know your exact birthday either D:.. i’m terrible.

school is getting tough, and it’s week 2. well.. ee228 (continuous sig/sys) is cake, csc453 (OS) is easy, ee335 (transmission lines) and ee307 (digital elec/ICs) are so-so.


One Response to “birthday random”

  1. Lisa Says:

    hahaha leesar XD

    Oh man 20…

    Good luck with school!

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