this week sucked

let’s see.. 307 hw twice, 335 hw, 2 375 labs, 307 quiz, 347 prelab + lab report of insanity, 228 quiz, 453 lab and program..

seemed so overwhelming even though it was barely anything.. i didn’t even do my 347 prelab, the lab report of death was group death, i didn’t even study for the 228 quiz and did pretty well, and “finished” the 453 work before school even started..

looks like i need to pick up the pace and work out more efficient daily plans.. since every week should be like this.

[23:28] <yoshii> so i told my roommate to pay me 466.67 + 19.31 + 28.80 = 514.78
[23:29] <yoshii> and he paid me 513.98
[23:29] <yoshii> how does that happen?


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