summer 2008 plans (or lack thereof)

I wanted to take Korean 1 this summer at De Anza to fill my Cal Poly C1 elective, and Chem 1A at Mission to fill the freshman Chem that I still haven’t taken yet.. And Political Science 1 online next summer or something, since I probably won’t be in SJ. If I was, I’d have a bit more breathing room, but this 2/1 plan is what I gotta do..

Now taking Chem online for 7 weeks (and having to attend in class on Fridays) and Korean from 6-9:40 5 days a week for three (wow) weeks seems possible, but not so much with an internship. For 3 weeks I’d have to like, work 7-5 and class 6-9:40 or something.. lol.

And then I probably wouldn’t even be able to work at all on Fridays.. damn damn damn.
Should have taken chem in one of the past 3 summers..

I will figure out a solution to this soon enough.

Chem at Mission is 6/16 – 7/31.
Korean at De Anza is 6/30 – 7/18.
Xilinx (which may or may not happen, or something else may happen) would be July+August.


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