burn baby burn

this week was so exhausting.. i don’t even know.. 307 hw, 307 quiz, 335 hw, 375 lab report, 375 + 347 prelab (lol), 347 lab report.

staying out extra late is bad for my sanity, and eating fast food for dinner then lunch isn’t good for my stomach, either.

seriously, all I did was work for 2 classes all week and completely neglected the others. this is outrageous. I need to pick up.. even more pace. and now those 2 classes are steering from trivial to easy/moderate-ish.. blah.

first exam: csc 453, 54/60. -2 for knowing the wrong thing (lol), -2 for really not knowing something, and -2 for sigprocmask(SIG_BLOCK, &sa, NULL); when he asked to “block” – but really, he meant to just pause(); to “wait”. there were craploads of As since it was an easy test, but I still got one.. thankfully.. I believe 53 was the lowest A, so there was a tiny curve.

this weekend: 228 hw, 453 lab + program [learn regex!.. in OS..?], full body + room cleaning with insecticide hopefully to finally be done with bug/bite/itch/rash problems, followed by laundry.. 375 lab #2 report, 347 prelab3/lab report 3 prewrite..

this is the last of my core EE/CS stuff. the rest is just fun (networks, programmable logic) and tech electives (“fun” of choice). probably won’t be fun considering the fact that I considered digital logic fun.. and 307 is .. well, not that bad, but extremely draining. 347, the 1-unit lab for it = 1 more draining than 307, the 1 unit lecture..

this is ridiculous, I should have just gone 5 years (after 2-quarter co-op?) since the start or washed out GEs/math/physics faster..

another useless school rant.. just sulk it up and keep going..


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