from brim’s suggestion, I’ve been trying out digsby as a new IM client… I’m impressed, so far. (and i’m REALLY picky.) AIM, MSN, Google Talk, gmail+hotmail and even Facebook integration. still in beta, but has a lot of customizable features (but there’s never too many.) we’ll see how long this lasts. The engine is like Pidgin’s; it’s a RAM eater, but that’s fine with me.

  • I miss a few things though.. direct IMs, working file transfers [port opening/specifying?], webcam support [not that I even use it anymore – it supports linking to TokBox..], away/mobile/idle statuses on the buddy list – old school AIM style..
  • I like.. unicode support, ‘<‘ and ‘>’ support without AIM interpreting it as HTML, mousing over screennames to see infos, server-side buddy lists [unlike Pidgin], pasting is always plaintext, real-time logging + midnight splitting [yeah really old deadaim = lol], setting my own time before I show up as idle, buddy list split by service + alphabetical sorting..
  • I want.. everything that I miss, disable-able “close” button on IM tabs (it’s in Pidgin!), mouseover MSN names to tell me if they have me on my buddy list (Pidgin has it! although.. I could find it manually..), and just more customization in general.

Until I figure out a way to suggest things, I’m just jotting my initial notes here..
— Oh snap, I just found “Suggest a feature” on the Help menu, LOL.

and after I installed this, AIM 6 magically stopped lagging.. bleh.

ok, to week 4 of school..! ricky fighting! [because no one will say it for me..]

  • ee 228 hw2, hw3, quiz [~8 hours]
  • ee 335 hw3, lab2 report, prelab3 [~10-13 hours]
  • ee 307 hw4, prelab3, lab3 report [~15 hours]
  • csc 453 lab2, program2 [~20 hours]

ok, i don’t even have that many hours this week [only around 45] if i work ALL my time.. but! I did around 15 hours of that work this weekend.. so I should have barely enough time.

  • and.. buy more pork country style ribs, and make more yummy yummy char siu! .. and finish up my dying vegetables.. 3-4 meals gai lan, 2 meals bok choy, 2-3 meals broccoli..
  • and clean up for angela visiting next weekend! :D not that my room is ever messy to begin with.. i just want to vacuum (for the 4th?.. time this quarter..) and get my stupid bed issues sorted out, for those of you who knew about the bites..

blah blah blah TO WORK! and I’ll be skipping 9am ee 335 this entire week.


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