end wk4 – more burn, spring exams

TOTALLY BURNED THIS WEEK, nuff said. skipped 335 hw (1 allowed) and BSed 375 lab report, and worked through everything else. unnecessary details, but I’m totally lacking my beauty sleep! hahaha.

next week: 335 exam, 453 exam, 375 lab report, 375 prelab, 307 hw, 347 prelab, 347 lab report, 228 hw, 453 lab3, 453 prog3, spring job fair. YAY!

got my tech elective form signed, need to turn it in and do my graduation evaluation… :O

spring exams:
week 3: csc453 M 4/14
week 4: ee307 F 4/25
week 5: csc453 M 4/28, ee335 W 4/30
week 6: ee228 W 5/7
week 7: csc453 M 5/12
week 8: ee307 M 5/19
week 9: ee335 W 5/28, csc453 F 5/30
finals: ee335 M/W choice, ee347 T, ee228 W, ee307 F, csc453 F

Kingston 2gb SD card for $0.72 shipped, yay for GCO and disposable credit card numbers and college addresses!

Mission College registration – april 28.

call me crazy for doing so much, but what can I say.. this is how it was meant to be.


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