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im so pro

May 19, 2008

i was debating whether or not to bring my spare scientific calculator to the EE midterm today, and I decided not to.

but at the last minute, I had a feeling that it might die without even warning me, so I decided to.

graphing calculator ran out of batteries mid-exam without ever giving me the low battery warning.

i’m so pro, that it deserves its own blogpost!

the test itself – FUCK negative voltages screwing around with my head :( and flipping two things around that chained out to make the entire problem incorrect.. partial credit is nice, but not enough for me. i wanted a perfect score.


wrapping up (haha)

May 16, 2008
  • tech elective form’s done, 316 sub form is not. need to get it back from eng advising and then get it signed by Nico or someone..
  • I didn’t do my graduation evaluation today; didn’t want to walk across campus and back when it was like 90 outside.. I’ll probably do it next week when I go campus market raiding with Annie, since she lives next to the Admin building.

after working all week, I realized that .. I need to work harder. the assignment pile just gets bigger and closes up over the next 2 weeks.

    • week 8: 307 midterm2, 335 hw6, 375 report6, 307 hw8, 347 prelab+prep+report 7, 228 hw5+quiz5, 453 lab4, 453 prog4
    • week 9: 335 midterm2, 375 report7, 375 prelab8, 307 hw9, 307 CMOS AND Gate project, 347 prelab+prep+report 8, 228 hw6+quiz6, 453 prog4, 453 midterm4
    • week 10: 375 report8, 375 final, 347 prelab+prep+report 9.. else dead week.. hahaha. “dead” week.
    • finals: 347 T 1-2, 335 W 7-10, 228 W 10-12, 307 F 10-1, 453 F 1-4

    * might move 335 to M 7-10 or not take it at all
    * if I need to head home earlier Friday, might move 307 to M 8-10 AND 453 to F 10-1.

    this is how i remind myself to WORK.
    (more blogs of uselessness!)

    housing is still not finalized, summer work/school plans are still not finalized.. AHHHH!

    this is useless

    May 11, 2008

    failed all my midterms, got sick, failed one more even worse.
    pretty much 2 grades lower than i wanted, and 1 lower than expected, on all my tests.
    so much for doing well..

    week 7: 453 midterm, 307 quiz, 335 hw5, 375 lab5 report, 307 hw7, 307 project, 347 prelab + lab prep + lab report, 228 hw/quiz, 453 lab4, 453 prog4, 316 substitution form + pick up approved tech elective form, get graduation evaluation…

    jeez, might want to wait on some of those till next week, after the 307 midterm..

    5 to home to 6

    May 4, 2008

    week 5: whatever (and said it in last post)
    home: a little bit of everything, none of something, s’all good

    week 6: 335 hw, 307 hw, 375 lab report, 347 prelab/prep/lab report, 228 midterm, 453 lab3, 453 prog3

    i hate

    May 1, 2008

    i hate cutting on sanity for school, but it’s gotta be done.

    less sleep, less to eat sometimes, sometimes can’t take the time to cook (and cook well) the stuff I normally do make, consuming a 8 chicken nugget $3 “lunch” in 90 seconds and working the rest of the lunch hour, work done with less quality, just can’t get everything going the way I want I guess.

    ee 228, ee 307/347, ee 335/375, csc 453. it’s ONLY 1 easy/moderate + 1 moderate/hard + 1 hard + 1 crazy class.. by now you’d think I’d be good at managing my way through.

    .. wait, that’s what I’m doing.

    Burning my face in for such a stupid reason too. Sometimes I wish I’d fail EE one more time to have absolutely no chance and be forced to go 5 years.

    haven’t felt this mellow about school in a while; it’ll probably just fade away. halfway through the 10 weeks, but only like 1/3 through in terms of work done.

    I wish my roommates would do their dishes and pay rent correctly and promptly. You’d think of more integrity of engineers at this age, but it just goes to show..