i hate

i hate cutting on sanity for school, but it’s gotta be done.

less sleep, less to eat sometimes, sometimes can’t take the time to cook (and cook well) the stuff I normally do make, consuming a 8 chicken nugget $3 “lunch” in 90 seconds and working the rest of the lunch hour, work done with less quality, just can’t get everything going the way I want I guess.

ee 228, ee 307/347, ee 335/375, csc 453. it’s ONLY 1 easy/moderate + 1 moderate/hard + 1 hard + 1 crazy class.. by now you’d think I’d be good at managing my way through.

.. wait, that’s what I’m doing.

Burning my face in for such a stupid reason too. Sometimes I wish I’d fail EE one more time to have absolutely no chance and be forced to go 5 years.

haven’t felt this mellow about school in a while; it’ll probably just fade away. halfway through the 10 weeks, but only like 1/3 through in terms of work done.

I wish my roommates would do their dishes and pay rent correctly and promptly. You’d think of more integrity of engineers at this age, but it just goes to show..


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