not much work this week. i gotta admit i slacked fri-tues considering all i did over that time was like, 1/3 of my ee prelab.. which was probably the biggest and hardest prelab possible. needed to relax a bit, but maybe that was too much. should’ve studied for CPE 453, hahah.

CPE banquet is friday night – if I get a summer internship (.. in San Jose. ugh, I just had to say that.) on the spot, I would be.. well, amazed. I get to sit next to “Second Sight” (a medical devices company in Sylmar, like Wilson’s St. Jude Medical) while Austin gets to sit with Lockheed Martin >_> not cool.

after this lab report, all the work is done. now it’s just finals.. what’s sad is, I think that my hardest section of the quarter was probably Braun’s EE 347 lab. yes, it is a lab. and it is 1 unit. lol.

i somehow managed to get sick again yesterday or so.. hopefully I can phase it out. it’s not too bad, just a minor annoyance. t’was a struggle to “do” the prelab yesterday and the lab today though.

life feels a little weird, but oh well.

soo.. next fall, stat350 time-conflicts with my cpe350+cpe329+ee403/443 schedule. can’t have it all.. and in winter, cpe464’s 3-hour lab conflicts with cpe450. oh gosh. if things don’t change soon then I might just be forced to cave in to graduating later.. and if I stay for another full year, I’m going to take 5-6 extra CSC classes and go after a CSC master’s. (I really like coding and development disciplines a lot more than.. well.. anything.) but if I take those and don’t get a 3.25 or don’t get in, haha, I waste effort. 213 engineering units in 4 years is pretty impressive though, i must admit. 225 over 5 years – not so much. we’ll see what summer has to bring.

I am weird as hell, but hey, that’s me. there are some quirks about me that reallllllly need to be fixed, though.


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