omg it is over (lots of crap within)

as if school itself isn’t enough.. hell, as if half of my 4 classes and 2 labs weren’t enough (seriously, half of that is enough…)

finals were pretty anticlimactic.

  • I got 3 hours of sleep or so last Thursday.. didn’t expect prelab for 347 exp9 to be like.. that much work.. holy moly. barely functioned that Thursday and had a lab final..
  • 375 final was cake, but i fucked up calibrating the network analyzer with the given equipment. after managing through the quarter doing the same thing over and over, for some reason on the final i couldn’t get the SMA to BNC to RG-8U shit to work.. i swear something was missing. anyways I just did everything I needed to do, but with a bad calibration, giving me inaccurate numbers. i would’ve redone calibration (I even figured out what I needed to do) but there was no time left. she still gave me most of the credit for doing the calculations properly.
  • should’ve went straight to studying for finals but was wiped. really wiped. so I started studying for 453 (lol LAST final) on Saturday, and finished mid-Sunday. used the rest of Sun, Mon, and Tue to really get 228.
  • 228 final was alright. 3 cake, 1 alright, and 2 difficult problems. i’m pretty sure I passed. (bad thing to say, really.)
  • after 228, straight to studying for 307 because that’s all that was left to study for. grinded everything down, down to.. multivibrators. damn those things; we barely did anything at all with them so most people barely understood anything.. and I spent my study breaks packing up.
  • 307 final was alright, 453 final was.. easy. I started losing it near the end, and realized I really had to finish up and go. it was.. well, I didn’t feel that it was over. but hell, I jumped for joy anyways.
  • ate lunch and dinner on campus 4 times with Annie’s meals (superthanks) and ate a bunch of crap and frozen pizza and more crap all week. my stomach’s homeostasis got pretty messed up and I’m glad to be home.

so after all that jazz I got out at 2:30 and felt like I really needed to leave by 3:30 to make it home on time for Piedmont’s graduation. needless to say I called up Peter and got all my shit in his car, and brought it over to Jeff and Cynthia’s place.. while they were taking the modern physics final. and.. made an assload of trips back and forth with really heavy shit. it was brutal. really brutal. I ended up leaving their place at like.. 4, waiting for them. fuck fuck fuck.. right?

so i’m ready to go, but Munjal is lagging, and we leave at 5:10 or so. I had given up. all that effort put into trying to make it home just .. kinda got stalled by other people. so many fucking things already pissed me off – and people know that I rarely ever get mad. and when/if I do, I am really fucking mad. but I put it off anyways. =D

I brought a couple things home but Munjal’s van was full for the most part. and I wasn’t really obligated to go home anymore at that point, since I got shafted, but I did anyways. and ate dinner with peeps that were there, and hung out for a bit. and.. got only a couple hours of shoddy sleep.

.. and.. left back for SLO at 8 in the morning. 8:30 cause it only really takes 2.5 hours to get there, not 3. it took 2:36. drove the whole way fine with music, although I forgot to charge my mp3 player and brought my charger. was a little tired at the end but okay. needed to get more things together to bring to Cynthia’s place by 12 when her checkout was 12:45 or so. I ended up finishing around 12:15 but they didn’t even get checked out till 1:15 thanks to their lagging RA. so I abused that and brought more things that I forgot. haha. then i just chilled and talked to them until they could get checked out, since they had nothing else to do. I pretty much had Jamba Juice for lunch – just kept drinking and drinking. it’s so good when it’s hot and you’ve been moving.. ..yeah.

finished up more things at the apartment.. and more and more. clean clean clean, pack pack pack, move move move. random stuff like moving Wilson’s bike to Peter’s place (and almost tripping over it), figuring out wtf to throw away.. yaddy ya blah blah blah.

finally checked out around 3 something, headed over to Backstage .. which was closed at 2, great.. more tired walking and headed over to campus market, which was deserted. apparently they offered me free pastries, which was a great “lunch” and I spent the rest of the money on a gallon of water which I actually needed. headed home with a gas break at Gilroy and made it back home in 2:38 of driving time. about 29 MPG on the 1994 taurus for the trip.. damn, I think I’m pretty good.

very very tired legs and arms. moving, driving, moving, driving, moving.. driving.. dying.. haha

the MSI Wind is coming out soon – and my mom actually told me to buy a laptop. so I won’t feel bad for shelling out the 400 bucks without an internship.. woot!

.. too bad 95% of internships are BS anyways. it’s great how companies look for “experience” — which is the doing of nothing. on that note..

right when i got home today, I planned on making a “more permanent” connection to my neighbor’s open network .. for a day and a half until I get Comcast installed Monday morning. I ran into some really weird ethernet issues where my Netgear ME101 would connect to this computer but not those.. and i thought those network cards died or something, but didn’t. just another huge complicated mess like everything else I run into. so I decided to attempt DD-WRT flashing the Airlink AR430W early (too early really, I was still tired from driving.) until Ubuntu decided to be a bitch and list “NETGEAR” as 1 entry even though there were 3 access points with the same name. at that point I just decided that this temporary setup will do for .. the day.

lots of weird things have been going on…. yeah. i shall spend this summer taking some more random crap classes, studying for my Cisco CCNA since I have nothing else to do, figuring out wtf I am doing for my senior project (and possibly doing it), playing with DD-WRT on a router, playing with Comcast 1mbps upload.. haha. oh yeah, and probably running and tennis.. I swear! God forbid I “waste” time watching kdramas.. man they’re all downloaded and waiting and yet I still feel like I need to do better things (umm.. engineer things and shit, yo.) with my time.

and I believe that’s all that needs to be said for this epic closure of the school year entry.


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