fall 2008 thus far

the original plan was CPE 350, CPE 329, STAT 350, and EE 403/443, but I can’t have stat (only 2 MTWR sections, 3-4 and 4-5, time conflicts), which is a pre-requisite (err, “pre-requisite”.. i’d have to say that at least 50% of “prerequisites” are absolutely useless) for CPE 464 (Networks) and 465 (Advanced Networks).

I have no choice; I’m just going to have to get into that class without stat. I pray to God that he lets me in, or I’m screwed forever and ever. (Once again we lean towards the disgusting extension of graduation…)

so… networks without stat, algorithms concurrently with [a different] stat, and.. intro to materials engineering, without chem. YES, my last three abuses of pre-req skipping for EVER! and I’ll be able to achieve my goal of having graduated college without taking freshman level chem yet, which I would take right after. :D

that’s 3 times in the future.. my past abuses: tech writing (lol), circuits 2 (lol), semiconductor device electronics.. that’s it. haha, doesn’t seem like much.


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