random offering

Agilent randomly contacted me today for an engineering co-op. co-ops are 6 months (basically 2 quarters) long and I had the choice of summer+fall or fall+winter. I want to be at home over the summer, and fortunately they are located in Santa Clara on Stevens Creek Blvd, so I opted for summer+fall. I would be developing software to test circuit boards in terms of circuitry and environment. interview is on Friday.

the bad part is that it will basically turn all the planning that I had for the next 12 months to waste:

  • school: no 329 till Spring and no capstone until 5th year, which means I’ll stay until Spring 2010.. and take like 2-3 classes a quarter (a bit more if I take some extra CSCs to go for grad school/Master’s.)
  • graduation: lol. tech elective form and graduation evaluation gone to waste.
  • housing: oh good lord I’ll have to recalculate / replan everything and whatnot
  • this summer: might overstretch myself.. 2 GEs, running, CCNA, perl, C#, python? dramas D:?
  • ****: !@*&%!@#%*&@#&%*!

but hey, it’s a chance in a lifetime, one that I have to take at this point.


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