APM karma

well I’m pretty much known (to myself, anyways) for being able to navigate around my computer and just do things as fast as possible. type fast, click fast, move my mouse quickly and accurately to click exactly where i want to as fast as possible, etc.. and that just reminded me of having “APM using the computer” just like APM in starcraft, haha. well, anyways.. karma finally got me.

i was thinking and clicking so fast that I ended up deleting my Downloads folder instead of sharing it.
… yeah, I know.

I don’t ever use my recycle bin (actually delete on delete – otherwise I’d be using shift+delete all the time).. so it’s quite interesting that something like this, happens to someone like ME. finally.

anyhow, i’m fortunate that that was one of my less-important folders. actually, a lot less important, and I have a backup from spring break. (I just can’t find the hard drive. lol.)  but I’m using GetDataBack NTFS (screw Ontrack EasyRecovery, that thing sucks) and … getting my data back.

update: well I thought I deleted it. I was thinking even faster than I thought. turns out I hid the folder.. hah. I knew something was wrong. It wouldn’t have deleted in 1 second (more like 3) and it would’ve prompted confirmation for executable files and read-only files. I actually did use OnTrack EasyRecovery Pro, but I used “Advanced Recovery” instead of “Deleted File Recovery” (…. wtf) and it found everything. I recovered it and moved it back to my drive.. only to find out that the folder was already there, just.. hidden.

wow. I am really losing it.


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