gift cards: the ultimate waste of money

almost a year ago I got $100 in best buy gift cards for doing “normal work” to my mom’s friend’s computer.. it was really nothing and I insisted on getting nothing, but being the older asians that they are, got me that.

I spent about $25 on Orange Box on Black Friday, which I barely even play. I kinda just had to buy it. and I still have the rest.

that money is really going to waste. it could’ve been cash collecting interest in a bank, but no, it just has to be this stupid card. and there are no MSI Winds or good obtainable HDTV deals, so I probably won’t be using it for a while.

.. it probably would have done me better if I had spent it on something useless, sold it, and put the cash in the bank to gain interest.

….. oh well.


One Response to “gift cards: the ultimate waste of money”

  1. wt8008 Says:

    Bank interest on $100? Thats like nothing these days, maybe $5? At least it isn’t in the stock market. You would be negative.

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