portable AC unit

I never thought I’d buy one of these, and just take the heat.. and step out of my room, and do work outside my room..

but my mom insisted, so whatever. I thought the things cost several hundred bucks, but this cheapo one cost $60. It doesn’t seem to work as well as others, but it does its job. i just toss a bunch of water (and ice!) down into the water storage and watch it blow cool air! awesome.

i thought these things were huge on power, too – but i measured the power dissipation of the device to be 70/75/80 watts at low/medium/high speeds. unfortunately i don’t have any equipment to see how much of an effect it has on my room, but I guess I can just feel for it.

I guess this thing beats having two fans blow hot air all around with the same power dissipation..

Ikeda CA-668 Air Cooler


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