psxpad “fixed”

from last time – i couldn’t get psxpad working because it was unable to find the I/O address of my parallel port. interestingly enough i just googled and it seemed like most LPT1’s were located at 0x378, which was the second option on the list.

i kept going through Setup to change the configuration to use that port, but that didn’t work.

i don’t know how, but i randomly got the idea that changing the configuration through the installer wouldn’t work – i would have to uninstall and reinstall. so i did that, and the playstation controller was detected! yay! a change or two to some settings and it was working just fine.

so i got my ddr metal pad up (FINALLY, only like 3.5 weeks since summer started) and tested it out on an easy song since i was on bare feet. i somehow AAA’ed Abyss.. and then AAA’d Ecstasy.. what?

anyways, i guess i’m happy i finally got a more permanent setup done with the HTPC, although the electromagnetic interference between my computer and my really old TV is not cool.


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