i haven’t posted in a week, so i figured i’d say something..

i had this random problem a long time ago, where if i’m on the host side and move my mouse out of a fullscreen application, it will minimize out.. and it makes things annoying/impossible. i just figured ways around it, and really.. didn’t need it.

i was googling ways to use a dual-monitor setup with 2 single-output video cards, but it seems like there are only shaky linux implementations, so that’s a no-go for my dad. sucks that i need to use a geforce fx 5600 ultra just for dual-display, but whatever.

while googling i found some article on synergy and of course, since i’m a synergy user (or was – limited uses now, but I do use it every now and then) I read it, and he discussed an option to remove some annoyance with “the start menu bar appearing” or something. for some reason I thought it was related to my fullscreen apps problem, when it really wasn’t.

so in synergy i went to Options and checked “Don’t take foreground window on Windows servers” and viola, problem solved, even though that solution was for some other problem. now i can be inside a fullscreen app and use another computer without tabbing out!


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